Skin Treatment – Keloid Scars

Scars are a problem for all of us. Any injury, inflammation or wound causes scar. The scars are for lifetime, except few that fade away over years. The major problems are Keloids that are raised scars. Not all of us develop keloids. But some of us those develop feel very embarrassing about keloids.

Keloids are raised scars. They form in response to an injury. When body suffers an injury, it rushes its defense molecules including white cells to save itself. The scars form as the skin heals. In most of the people the skin heals withan indent. In some people body pushes more of collagen at the site of injury and a hard mass forms that is called keloid.

It is difficult to treat keloids. If new surgery is performed to remove keloids, it will produce more of them. That is the challenge. Some doctors treat keloids by injecting them with steroid injections. Slowly the keloid dries out. Some doctors cut the keloid with laser and inject the site with steroid injection to stop new keloid forming. Silicone gels and sheetings are also used to treat keloids. Keloids are a problem and those of you who suffer from them must avoid all possible injury to body and consult your doctor when you form keloids.

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