Sleep Aids

Sleep aids are required by millions of people on a regular basis. The most common way to deal with the less serious sleep problems is to go to the doctors, who invariable offers sleeping pills, which do work for many people. However there are many more sleep aids that will help you to tackle sleep problems in a more organic and holistic way.

Sleep is a necessary and vital biological function. It is essential to a person’s physical and emotional well being. Studies show that without enough sleep, a person’s ability to perform declines dramatically. It is estimated that 50 percent of the adult population is sleep deprived and these people would benefit from some good information about the many sleep aids that are available.

In general it is important to get between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day. All though sleep requirements vary from person to person. Since we now know how important sleep is for us individually and for the productivity of society as a whole, it is important that we start counting those sheep. Incidentally, counting sheep is a very effective sleep aid that as been around for hundreds of years and it does work.

The stress that may be attributed to longer work hours and increased commute times, unfortunately contributes to insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Also some medical problems that can lead to insomnia are:

1) Over-activity of the thyroid gland,

2) Depression and/or anxiety,

3) Allergies,

4) Any illness, injury or surgery that causes pain,

5) Sexual problems,

6) Urinary, gastrointestinal or neurological disorders and

7) Side effects of certain medications.

There are other things that can lead to insomnia, such as, emotional stress, stimulants, lack of physical exercise, or the lack of a sex partner. If you believe you are suffering insomnia from one or more of these reasons, then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Even if you are not an insomniac, but just having some difficulty sleeping, there are many sleep aids that can help you get a good night sleep.

Some of the sleep aids and helpful guides are listed below:

* Avoid caffeine of all forms after lunchtime.

* Avoid long naps during the day.

* Avoid more than two alcohol servings at dinnertime.

* Take a warm bath before bed.

* Read a book or do a tedious activity (avoid T.V.).

* Make your bedroom comfortable.

* Develop a bedtime routine

* Count sheep (again repetition).

* Herbal sleep aids, prescribed by a professional herbalist

* Melatonin

* Acupuncture

* Massage

* Relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga

* Reiki healing

Do not take sleep medications unless prescribed by your physician.

Try these time-tested sleep aids. If they do not work, then this may be an indication that you may have a more serious, medical condition. Therefore, consult your physician when possible.

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