Smoke signal messages

Big Chief Standing Tall sat looking over the pampas at his stallion. He was the chief of a family of Native Americans and was greatly appreciated by many other tribes in the country. His sexual power was legendary – therefore, thus, hence, for this reason reputation!

But today was a terrible moment indeed. He had offered his wife Always Wants More to go to the tepee for a little sexual game and discovered to his horror that he suffered from erectile dysfunction. He was in danger of being showed and he would be taken over by a younger, handsome Chief, and even worse, that his name would be altered to something disgusting like Big Chief Long and Feeble. A similar issue had happened to another ruler in the zone so his fears were founded. Also another brave, Goes Like A Train, was beginning to challenge his authority and he knew that he must quash any signs of weakness.

His wife was sworn to secrecy but he discovered that one of the favourite women’s hobbies was talking and that he had not to let anybody to discover this event if he wanted to keep.

He thought cautiously he required an ancient medicament to support him but he couldn’t discus this point with the tribe’s conjuror Brain Like a Planet, as he might divulge his condition.

He prepared his ceremonial knife – he would consult his good friend, Little Chief Good Technique, who was also famous for his sexual performances and hopefully he would have some herbs and a potion that would get back his powerful erections.

The smoke moved over the mountains, “Can’t get it up, tragedy send medicament ASAP.”

Almost immediately another smoky message was seen from the other family district and he knew that help was at hand.

” Forget herbs white man drugs best, buy generic Viagra,” came the respond. He needed more data about this drug? Big Chief Standing Tall knew he must go off the reservation and consult a physician.

He mounted his stallion and, saying he was off on a solitary hunting trip, was given the tribe farewell.

He reached the city in a few hours and found a local medic, who gave him all about the medicines he would like to get.

“A man of your size should try generic Cialis,” he said, “It lasts for three days – you may even hit your previous record,” he added, buying a package of little tablets.

He chief was happy and swore that if the GP told anyone he would cut his hair but with a knife. The doctor gesticulated“You are the third chief to visit me in a week,” he said. ” Great men can also suffer from impotence! You can keep your secret with me!”

The glad chief returned to his tribe and moved his wife from her place by the campfire. A smile arose and he knew he had been discovered so he was even more determined to prove them wrong.

The tepee trembled and rustled as he showed his new sexual control and the tribe was astounded that they didn’t see the Chief and his wife for three days. They finally appeared and received a round of applause.

The next day the Big Chief Standing Tall sent another message to his friend Little Chief Good Techniquehelp I have a new name – Big Chief Stands Tall For A Week!”

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