So You Want To Buy Birth Control

Using something to serve as birth control, rather than some risky method that depends on intimate knowledge of the female cycle, is integral to preventing unwanted pregnancies. The global economy being what it is today, it can be a financial nightmare to have to raise a child. However, picking a methods of contraception is not as simple as picking out a shade of lipstick to go with a dress, though a number of women might contend that the latter is more complex than the former. In any case, there are some things that a person will have to consider before selecting a birth control method.

The first thing to keep in mind would be a person’s situation. Is the birth control something that would be regularly needed? Would it only be used as-needed (a situation that is typically rare among females)? Do you have no intention of ever having children and are confident that decision isn’t going to change, regardless of circumstances? Answering questions like that can help narrow down the choices of what form of birth control to use. For example, people who need to use a contraceptive regularly might be better off using pills to ward off the possibility of pregnancy. For those who don’t want to have children at all, then the use of an irreversible procedure such as a vasectomy is better than any other option due to sheer practicality.

Another factor to consider would be whether or not you want a birth control method that also helps prevent sexually transmitted diseases. If the only concern is preventing pregnancy, then methods such as the various hormone-based contraceptive pills can be used. If you feel that you should try and prevent a possible infection, then other methods would need to be used. Among the more common birth control methods that also help prevent STD infection include condoms. For the best results, a number of experts recommend using more than one birth control method. As such, it may be advisable to use both a pill and a condom at the same time, to prevent infection and pregnancy.

There are also some personal factors and considerations that might come into bear when choosing a birth control method. For example, in the event that a condom is used, one must make sure that the male is not allergic to latex. There are some rare cases were someone can be allergic to latex, though reports indicate that an allergy can cause more discomfort for the male than the female. Polyurethane and animal membrane are both considered to be potential alternatives for condoms if either partner has a latex allergy. While polyurethane, which is thinner than latex, is used, it can still be used to block STD infections. However, animal membrane is only effective in preventing pregnancy and cannot be relied upon to block against STDs.

Reactions to the hormones used by birth control pills should also be noted. Some pills may cause side effects in a woman and some may not, with the differences often depending primarily on the hormone levels of the user. Some women have hormone levels that may cause unexpected side effects if artificial ones are introduced. Finally, if permanent methods are chosen, one must make sure that both the person having the procedure performed on them and the partner are both aware of what the procedure entails.

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