The Jolie Look Is In: Lip Augmentation

Full lush lips are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to Hollywood movie stars. The Angelina Jolie look is in, and more women are seeking lip augmentation. Collagen has, for the longest time, taken claim as the leading agent used for lip enhancement. However, results are temporary, and so permanent lip augmentations have been developed. The implant … Read more

Social Cost of Cocaine Addiction

Addiction of any sort is debilitating for the addict and very upsetting for the family and friends. Besides the risk to the addict, there are other even more far-reaching effects of cocaine addiction. Cocaine addiction makes the addict behave in ways that can cause confusion and upset for those around him. His responsibility level drops … Read more

So You Want To Buy Birth Control

Using something to serve as birth control, rather than some risky method that depends on intimate knowledge of the female cycle, is integral to preventing unwanted pregnancies. The global economy being what it is today, it can be a financial nightmare to have to raise a child. However, picking a methods of contraception is not … Read more

5 Reasons You Can Get Pregnant While On Birth Control

Most women rely on popular contraception methods like birth control pills and condoms to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Although the Pill and most common forms of contraception used by men and women are highly reliable in preventing pregnancies, there is still the possibility of getting pregnant while on birth control albeit being very minimal. Below are … Read more

The Benefits of WalkFit Orthotics

WalkFit Orthotics provides foot support, balance and comfort during walking, running or other physical activities that involve the legs. Although their primary aim is to prevent the occurrence of foot injuries by correcting abnormal walking patterns, WalkFit Orthotics also alleviates pain in the feet, knees, hips and back. Orthotics re-aligns the lower limbs in a … Read more

Successful Cocaine Treatment for your loved one

Effective Cocaine Treatment begins with the admission of any level of addiction by the addict. The addict themselves very rarely reach for help on their own. They seem to simply race toward death as fast as they can. When the addiction is recognized or even suspected by a family member, the first move is typically … Read more