Taking Birth Control Pills to Fight Acne

Anybody who’s ever had a run-in with acne probably knows that there’s a vast array of products out there that all claim to get rid of zits fast and effectively. Unfortunately, there’s just not that one miracle product out there that will cure everybody’s acne ailments. More often than not, a person who suffers from acne has to try and test out a variety of products before they find anything that really works with them. It can be a long and frustrating road to travel down at times.

There are really a lot of factors when it comes to determining what causes acne in certain people. Cleanliness of the skin is one factor that is important but not the main cause. When experiencing acne breakouts, a clean, well moisturized face is essential to help prevent further attacks, but having a completely clean face at all times does not guarantee that it will be free of acne for all of that time. Diet is another widely ignored factor that is important when it comes to a clear complexion. The foods and drink a person consumes does have a direct effect on what is secreted through the skin. If someone has a diet that is high in fat, sugars, and preservatives, they have a much greater chance of experiencing acne breakouts.

Another major factor that causes acne is an imbalance of hormones in the human body. Hormonal imbalances that cause acne in humans are primarily because of the bodies over or under production of sebum. Sebum is a substance found in the sebaceous glands that the body normally produces to lubricate and protect the skin from the environment. When there is either too much or too little of this sebum being produced, the pores and hair follicles can become dry and irritated, leading to acne breakouts. Acne problems happen for women when there is either an overproduction of androgens or they are overly sensitive to the body’s natural level of those androgens. Another imbalance can be an underproduction of estrogen; the chemical found in females that counteracts the effects of androgens. Birth control pills contain two chemicals- estrogen and progestin, which are known agents in maintaining a normal hormonal balance.

Progestin is a pill that contains a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone. It is both helpful and harmful when it comes to acne on the skin. It is beneficial in that it bonds with the progesterone to maintain normal sebum production but is also known to cause the body to retain more water than usual, which can lead to bloating and blocked pores and hair follicles. The birth control pill helps to prevent excess androgen formation by reducing the amount found in the bloodstream and blocking them from the receptors or the sebaceous glands. This is why birth control pills are so effective in helping to prevent acne in so many women.

Just like acne products, there are a multitude of birth control pills that are produced and manufactured for a variety of physical body types. In order to get on birth control pills, a woman must first consult a physician in order to find out what will be the best type for her personal needs. Pills come in a variety of brand names and ingredients and range in a number of strengths. A physician will be the most helpful in determining which is the appropriate type. If you are a woman who is suffering from acne, you may benefit from looking into the use of contraceptive pills to help fight off future acne breakouts.

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