There’s More Than One Way to Remove a Wart

Warts are one of those things that are simply never popular. They pop up on your skin unwanted, the result of a specific type of virus that seems to only multiply the ugly little skin deformities, and are generally eyesores to anyone involved. Dermatologists (skin doctors) have made small fortunes just coming up with treatments for warts. Wart removal is a major business, though with all the expensive treatments out there, more and more people are looking for alternative remedies and finding them in some interesting places.

A common procedure is for a professional doctor to freeze the wart with liquid nitrogen and then to cut it off from the rest of the body. This is a fairly common and fairly successful procedure. Many people undergo this treatment with a high level of success, the one drawback is that it does tend to be rather painful, at least for a short period of time. Laser surgery is another surgical procedure used by professionals to remove warts. Laser surgery uses a laser to burn and destroy the wart and wart tissue. This procedure is usually done in a professional’s office or a clinic. Some anesthetic might be used depending on where the warts are, how many, where they need to be treated, etc. That is an issue to discuss with the doctor.

A few years ago a study was released actually claiming that duck tape can be used to remove warts. Researchers said duck tape is a more effective, less painful alternative to liquid nitrogen, which is commonly used to freeze warts. In the study, patients wore duck tape over their warts for six days, then they removed the tape, soaked the area in water, and scraped the spot. The tape was re-applied the next morning. After a few weeks the far majority of patients’ warts went away. The theory is that the duck tape irritated the warts, and that apparently caused an immune system reaction that attacked the growths.

For those who think the duck tape sounds a little odd, and surgery a little extreme, there are plenty of wart removal medicines that individuals can receive over the counter. Most of these are creams, and just need to be applied consistently as the directions order to succeed. Just apply to the area, and presto! Watch as over the week the warts begin to disappear.

There are many options available to removing warts, and none should be discounted or overlooked. Find the treatment that is right for you, and stop worrying about that unsightly wart, because soon it will be long gone!

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