Anabolic Steroids Help Triggering Growth

Anabolic steroids are defined as a group of synthetic derivatives of testosterone that promote muscle and bone growth. Anabolic steroids are androgenic steroids. These are the group of natural and synthetic steroid hormones that helps to promote cell growth and division, resulting in growth of several types of tissues, especially muscle and bone. Anabolic refers … Read more

Take Methyltestosterone Consulting With Your Physician

Methyltestosterone is a hormone used as a substitute in males who are not able secrete right amount of testosterone in body for various reasons. It is also used in women to treat breast cancer and postnatal breast pain or puffiness. Methyltestosterone is an oral testosterone form. It is originated using the 17-alpha-methyl variation to make … Read more

Steroids may have Negative Effects as Well.

Steroids are a group of cogent compounds linked to the male sex hormone ‘testosterone’ that encourage muscle development and the growth of male sexual traits. Steroids are often recommended for the conditions like delayed puberty, impotency, and body-wasting in patients with AIDS. Steroids are available in many forms including tablet, liquid, gel, and cream. Steroids … Read more

Steroids Anabolic Steroids & Their Side Effects

Steroids anabolic steroids are defined as any synthetic hormones affecting the development and growth of sex organs. Anabolic steroids are medically used to treat the conditions, such as delayed puberty and some types of the impotence, occurring due to abnormally low level of testosterone in body, and to treat the chronic wasting disease, such as … Read more

Steroid Users Are Risking Themselves

Steroids are drugs that were primarily formed to imitate the male hormone ‘testosterone’. Steroids are also called gear, juice, and anabolics. In medical backgrounds, they are inured to take care of deadly diseases such as cancer and AIDS, and to treat hormonal troubles such as delayed puberty in males. Bodybuilders and other jocks make use … Read more

Steroid Use Is Good or Bad?

Steroid use is one of the fastest growing trends all over the globe. Steroid use is growing extremely popular among teens. The steroid statistics on teens are highly astounding. Steroid use is rising in both the sexes. Steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone, the hormone responsible for body growth and maturity. Steroids having anabolic and … Read more

Steroid abuse in history

Anabolic steroids were first discovered around 1930 and were initially used as natural drugs. They were mainly used to treat Hypogonadism. This is a medical condition where testosterone levels in a body are low. Anabolic steroids are direct derivatives of testosterone. A few years later, scientists discovered that these steroids could be used to treat … Read more

The Old People On Steroids Have Real Benefits

Steroids are the synthetic hormones that are derived from testosterone, the MVP in maturity and body growth. These steroids have several anabolic and androgenic properties and thus often called anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids play important role in anabolism that is the metabolic process, which builds larger molecules from smaller ones. Anabolic steroids are known as … Read more

There’s Nothing Bad In Steroids!

You often see/hear/read a lot of people speaking spitefully about anabolic steroids, but completely disagree with their dear opinions. In fact, these seasoned agitators are completely ignoring the good these drugs can do to humans. I ask these gentlemen advocating against anabolic steroids, why do they create so much fuss, if people buy steroids for … Read more

What Are The Fallouts Of Anabolic Steroids?

Often referred to as roids, hypes, juices, weight trainers, gym candies, stackers, arnolds, or pumpers, the Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormonal drugs derived from testosterone, the primary male sex hormone. These drugs are commonly used for treating hypogonadism, delayed puberty, and some types of impotence. These drugs are also proven successful against several chronic wasting … Read more