Ways of Healing the Pain

The sensation of pain is said to be one of the primary indicators of a problem or unlikely change within a person’s system. Pain when analyzed physiologically is very complicated and involves various complex processes. However, pain is perceived basically as an unpleasant sensation with different intensities and areas affected. Pain usually signals a certain concern within a person’s system that should be given attention, and it is always given the appropriate care since pain is especially bothersome to the entire functioning of an individual.

Pain, when analyzed physiologically, involves numerous and complicated processes. However, the perception of pain is basically characterized by differences in severity and areas affected. Some forms of pain are tolerable while others are simply too much to bear on one’s own. This is the reason why throughout the history of mankind, as well as the rapid development in science and technology, man has continuously searched for better ways to prevent and treat pain. It is a special concern that is given attention main because of the continuous search for finding ways of avoiding it.

During the early times, the treatments used for various illnesses or diseases are taken from resources that are naturally found in the environment. Nowadays, certain synthetic chemicals have already been developed by chemists or scientists. The previously used form of treatment is still available, however. These treatments are usually used by people who are afraid of experiencing side effects from medicine drugs or by those who wish not to spend so much on medical treatment. As expected, there are also natural forms of pain relievers. Shown below are some examples.

Salicin of the white willow bark The extract taken from the bark of the white willow is widely known in China to be a good cure for relieving body pain as well as for lowering fevers. The active ingredient contained in the extract of the white willow is salicin which is converted within the body into salicylic acid. This kind of acid is said to decrease the levels of prostaglandin which are substances known to cause pain and inflammation. For this reason, the white willow has been known to treat acute and chronic types of pain such as those that characterize headaches, backaches, and menstrual cramps. The white willow has also been acknowledged to have good anti-inflammatory properties, thus, making it a good treatment for arthritis.

Lobelin of the herb lobelia The extract of lobelia is actually more widely-known as muscle relaxant. However, its active ingredient lobelin is also recognized to cause an effective reduction in inflammation and pain. Being a native in North America, it is said that the earlier settlers used to chew and smoke lobelia possibly as a preventive measure.

Boswellic acid of boswelia The purified extract of the resin of boswelia is widely-known in India for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Boswellic acid prevents certain chemical reactions from occuring within the body that would lead to inflammations. This is actually used by Indian healers as treatment for body pains as well as inflammations. In other parts of the world, this same substance is used as cure for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ginger The extract of ginger contains a certain active ingredient called gingerols that is highly similar to capsaicin. Capsaicin is a known component of chili peppers and capsicum which are known pain relievers. Like capsaicin, gingerols have the same effect on pain and is currently being considered as an alternative for capsaicin in relieving pain for certain conditions.

Aside from utilizing natural resources as treatment alternatives, certain activities may also be undertaken to relieve pain without having to use medicinal drugs. These activities can either be mental or physical tasks, or it can even be both. Listed below are some examples suggested by medical experts.

Exercise It is often heard from doctors that exercising is good for the health because of various reasons. One of those reasons is probably due to the release of endorphins upon engaging in this activity. Endorphins are chemicals that are the body’s natural pain relievers. They prevent the pain signals from reaching the brain to be analyzed. Through this, the pain is also not felt by the person and the intensity is lessened.

Bake and eat cookies According to some research conducted previously, exposing one’s senses to sweet or pleasant stimuli lessens or prevents the sensation of pain.

Stretch For certain types of pain associated with muscle areas such as those of low back pains, stretching can actually prevent these conditions from occurring.

Get outdoors According to a previous study, getting enough Vitamin D can help lessen the impact or perception of pain. Vitamin D also helps in the absorption of calcium which may help those that need bone repair and growth to eliminate the pain. Sun exposure of about 15 minutes early in the morning can already provide the needed daily amount of vitamin D. This is the reason why it is also important to get outdoors and get some sunshine.

Sleep Getting the appropriate amount of sleep everyday is important to the restoration of the system as well as the healing process through and after the pain.

Imagine Thinking of pleasant imageries can help relax a person’s whole system. A relaxed state can help lessen the intensity of pain or prevent it from happening or being felt by a person.

Change The State of Mind According to some experts, the human body has an infinite capacity for healing and sometimes all that is needed is a change in a person’s point of view. Seeing pain with healing in another way can possibly lessen the effect of the painful sensation.

Meditate A lot of modern healers and some medical experts attest to the healing capacity of meditating. It can lessen the overall intensity of pain to a minimal point, it can make a person feel stronger, and lastly, it can refresh and reinvigorate the whole system.

When this entire natural alternative for treatment will still not work for alleviating or preventing pain, then probably it is about time to consider using medicinal drugs such as Butalbital or Fioricet. Despite having side effects, the effectiveness of these drugs is of a larger percentage compared to the natural approaches. It is simply important to remember that a consultation with a doctor should be done first prior to the use of prescription, or even over-the-counter, drugs. This is necessary to prevent possible complications or further worsening of the health condition.

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