Why Bother with Free Online Psychics

Free online psychics are all over the Internet. Can you really get a good result from a free reading? Whether or not you get a good reading really has nothing to do with the reading being “free.” In fact, it’s not that often that you’ll find a truly free reading online, or anywhere. There are a couple of possibilities.

First, you could stumble onto a truly free reading from an online psychic who is trying to get established and build a client base. This is pretty unlikely, but it can happen. If you get more than one question answered for free, you might have stumbled onto this great deal.

Sometimes the opportunity for a short free reading will come up. You might get to have a free psychic reading in exchange for a testimonial, for instance, to help give legitimacy to a reader or a website.

The other possibility, and the one that will be true 99.9% of the time, is that the free reading isn’t free at all. Instead, you’re lured into the idea of a free reading, but there’s a catch. You might get one question answered for free, but it’s designed to get you to pay for a real reading.

In fact, most online psychics’ free readings are designed to hook you and get you to pay for a long phone call. If you get a free question, it will be answered vaguely with the promise that if they can continue the reading, they can clarify that answer for you.

This isn’t to say that you can’t get a good reading this way. It’s just that the free psychic reading is used as a marketing tactic, rather that something of value they’re actually offering to you.

Of course, if you get a really good psychic, you might get an excellent free answer. That’s because the psychic knows that impressing you with good, accurate information is the way to get you to continue the reading.

A third option is there if you have the patience for it. You can visit chat rooms and message boards where people interested in psychic phenomena hang out. There may even be message boards and chat rooms at websites for online psychics.

There also might be people there who are just learning the art of psychic reading, and they want to practice on you. Of course, you should jump on any such free readings. They could be excellent, even if the reader doesn’t have tons of experience.

If someone who is learning tries to read you, they’re absolutely genuine. You can be sure they’re not just saying things you want to hear to get your money, since there’s no money involved. You may be able to run across some truly talented people in psychic chat rooms and message boards.

But next time you see an advertisement for a free reading, take it with a grain of salt. Realize that there is a catch, but that doesn’t’ mean that those “free online psychics” aren’t good at what they do and worth the money.

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