Woman Can Make Health Mistakes Too

Men aren’t the only ones making health blunders. Women run to the doctor all the time. Nonetheless, experts say women have a tendency to take care of the rest of the family before taking care of themselves. Women- you are really good at caring for others, but you are not often the best judge of your own health.

Maybe you can relate to these common health mistakes made by women:

* Crossing legs at the knee. This can restrict blood flow and cause varicose veins. Better to sit with your feet flat on the ground.

* Skipping breakfast. You need this to function and so you don’t pig out at lunch.

* Wearing perfume in the sun. This can set up a chemical reaction leading to a rash.

* Not self-examining breasts. A trip to the gynecologist once a year is crucial.

* Not getting routine blood tests. Important to check for diabetes. Thyroid test and cholesterol screening should also be part of a routine blood exam.

* Thinking you can’t get pregnant after age 40. Even in menopause you can.

* Using too many feminine sprays. Chronic odor can be a sign of thyroid problems, type 2 diabetes, or a shortage of estrogen.

* Not recognizing a heart attack when they feel it. Symptoms can be draining fatigue and sleepiness, even heartburn or indigestion.

* Smoking. Causes heart disease, cancer, not to mention wrinkles.

Women do a lot of thing to look younger and thinner on the outside, but what about doing what makes your health better on the inside? Looking good in your casket won’t help you much! Both men and women need to eat better, exercise regularly, and not be afraid to get timely health care. After all, it’s a matter of life or death.

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