Be Good To Your Stomach

Our stomach is one of the parts of the body that receives the harshest treatment and the least appreciation. Think about it. When is the last time you were really thankful that your stomach was working properly? Perhaps it takes seeing a friend or family member who has a rough stomach for us to really be grateful for our stomach health. But it shouldn’t. We should be consistently treating our stomach with care so that it can do it’s job well without causing us pain.

Being good to your stomach can be simple. Maybe you are already making wise choices for your stomach or perhaps you will have to make some severe lifestyle changes in order to really be good to your stomach. Whatever it requires, you should commit to being good to your stomach from this point forward.

What does it mean to be good to your stomach? Basically, to be good to your stomach means watching the things you put into it and the things you do. Surely everyone has experienced the pain of eating a meal that is too spicy or too greasy or too full of acid. Our stomachs do so much in the process of breaking down our food choices. Many times our stomachs are able to cover up some of our eating “sins,” but other times they let us know that we have made a poor choice. I’m convinced that we owe it to our stomachs (not to mention to the rest of our bodies) to make healthy eating choices that are easy on our bodies and good for our health.

Take some time to evaluate the things you are putting into your stomach each day. Are you being kind or harsh? Do you notice any patterns that could perhaps be harmful to your digestive system? If so, consider changing them. You only have one stomach, and therefore it requires your upmost attention and care. Different stomachs have different levels of tolerance for spices, acids, and foods. You may not be able to eat everything your neighbor or even your spouse can eat. It is important that you learn, if you haven’t already, what is good for you and stick to it.

The great thing about learning to eat based on the reaction of your stomach is that you will end up making good choices not only for your stomach but also for the rest of your body. The chances are high that what is good for your stomach will also benefit your body and your overall health. So be intentional about what you eat and drink and don’t hesitate to pass up things that aren’t good for you or your stomach.

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