Swelling After Facial Procedures

The makeover shows on television have resulted in a significant upswing in the popularity of facial plastic surgery procedures. They often fail to show, however, the swelling afterwards. Swelling After Facial Procedures Choosing to have plastic surgery is always a big step. More people are deciding to have this permanent form of cosmetic change due … Read more

Swallow To Glow – A Holistic Approach To Skin Health

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It defends against disease and infection, regulates temperature and even aids in vitamin production. Keeping skin healthy is crucial for beauty and general health, even if most of us are interested in knowing how to keep skin looking healthy, rather than really keeping it healthy. The … Read more

Surgical Solutions If the Appearance of Your Ears Bothers You

For many people, the appearance of the ears can be something that generates a lot of self-conscious activity. There are surgical solutions that can let you pursue any haircut you want. Surgical Solutions If the Appearance of Your Ears Bothers You Big ears. Pointy ears. Ears sticking out to far. Large earlobes. There are a … Read more

Surgical Solutions For Drooping Eyelids

They say you can see a person’s soul through their eyes. Personally, I think you can see how hard they work by looking at the bags around their eyes and drooping eyelids. Surgical Solutions For Drooping Eyelids Drooping eyelids are prevalent in our society. The causes of this condition are somewhat mysterious. It can be … Read more