Pump Iron and Speed Up Your Metabolism

Weightlifting is one of the oldest and most popular sports and physical conditioning routines known to man. It is a test of pure strength, determination, and desire to attain almost superhuman physical form and abilities. As a competitive sport, weightlifting can be traced back to the routines performed by professional “strong men” of the early … Read more

Vintage Meets Modern: A Classic New Look

Retro glam looks of the past are back in a big way-and not just on runway supermodels. Fashionable women across America are sporting a multitude of styles from previous decades, but with a few contemporary twists. Try these cost-effective tips from celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose. He can help you join the vintage-meets-modern revolution. Makeup? … Read more

Truth About Low Fat Diets Benefits

A national study recently revealed telling facts regarding low-fat diets and their benefits relating to cancer and heart disease. A study concluded by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) and Stanford University noted that a low-fat diet, alone, is not enough to greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and/or cancer in adult women. Researchers have … Read more

Spring Cleaning: Reducing Air Pollutants And Dust Mites

If you’re one of America’s 40 million allergy sufferers, you probably already clean everyday to minimize allergens. Even with daily cleaning, however, allergens can be lurking in your home. To eliminate deep, ground-in dust and mold, perform thorough cleaning two or three times each year. Spring has been long hailed as the perfect time for … Read more

Soft Drinks Contaminated By Benzene

Bacon cheeseburgers and French fries drip with weight gain, increased cholesterol levels, and higher blood pressure. But what if further research findings made these foods look safe? In some way or other, a large part of the American diet proves unhealthy and even harmful. Conscientious meal planning becomes more and more needed and desired. For … Read more

How To Meditate With A Mantra

These days whenever a politician repeats a promise over and over again commentators say that this promise has become a “mantra” for that politician. For the journalists, the word “mantra” means a meaningless phrase that is repeated endlessly. For yogis however, a mantra is a word or collection of words, which has the power of … Read more