Being The First-Born: The Burden Hardest To Bear

Society and culture can often place extreme burdens on the first-born child in a family. Being the eldest child in the family often entails additional responsibilities, expectations, and demands. Different cultures exhibit this tendency in varying degrees, though the added pressure and importance of the first-born has sometimes been seen as a universal trait. However, … Read more

Alcohol Treatment Centers in Philadelphia

If has been said many times by many experts that the problem of alcoholism or alcohol as well as drug addiction is more frequent in big cites than smaller towns or villages. Research reports provide different conclusions, although many of them support this view. Philadelphia is like any other major city in the world when … Read more

ADHD Support Groups and How They Can Help

People with ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder) are not alone although many of you feel that you are – this is just one of the reasons that ADHD support groups are recommended as an outlet for anyone who suffers from the condition. Remember, there are a lot of people out there who suffer from ADHD … Read more

Social anxiety: the most misunderstood psychological problem

Social Anxiety is hardly a common term or word that you get to hear everyday. But most people, at different times in their lives, have been plagued by shyness. Remember the feeling of being introduced to a crowd of total strangers for the very first time? Or do you recall a childhood friend who was … Read more